QMPlay2 unstable work. Crash

Fall when reproducing a random link to YouTube Video clip in the playlist.

hrev56350 64 bit

Crash 2

yt_dlp: update to v2022.08.14

Could you stop posting all these fullscreen shots, and just write a few words? What do these shots mean? Problem solved ?

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[14 авг. 2022 13:37:17.162] Не удается открыть: youtube-dl://{- YouTube}

[14 авг. 2022 16:15:31.990] QMPlay2 crashed (SIGSEGV)

[14 авг. 2022 16:18:48.736] Не удается открыть: YouTube://{- YouTube}

[14 авг. 2022 18:37:19.079] QMPlay2 crashed (SIGSEGV)

[15 авг. 2022 19:47:56.645] QMPlay2 crashed (SIGSEGV)

No solved.
Great application QMPlay2 !!!
But at the moment, a application cannot be used.Porsche suddenly turned into a pumpkin.

Bug reports for 3rd party apps belong on github.
bug reports for haiku belong on trac.

Stop making these topics, please.

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Do make a bug report on github is not so easy like in the forum ;-).

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Except that this posts helps nobody, and no issue was fixed or understoof, so your argument is kinda moot.

In addition to the OP posting bugs here severall times but can clearly make tickets.

Writing words is also more difficult than posting screenshots.
We can move on to facial expressions and body language - it will be generally simple :crazy_face:


Forum software doesn’t agree :joy:
I tried replying just a thumb up emoji and it said “body is unclear, is it a complete sentence?”
I think the forum software is right!

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How can I do it?

Link: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/issues/new

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Thank you!
I registered an account on this site.
What to do next?

Please use the Haikuports page Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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Thank you!

zaps166 commented 7 minutes ago
I can’t see anything without backtrace. Haiku is not supported by me, please ask Haiku’s package maintainer. Btw I don’t know why nobody made a PR here.

Use my playlist from links to video from the YouTube website. https://github.com/zaps166/QMPlay2/files/9349508/00001.pls.zip

Around a couple of hours, you will get freezing with a gray window and loading 1 core of the processor by 100 %. The screenshot of this is presented above.

The second option is a fall, the program window disappears spontaneously. In the log there are records of crash.
[14 авг. 2022 16:15:31.990] QMPlay2 crashed (SIGSEGV)
[14 авг. 2022 18:37:19.079] QMPlay2 crashed (SIGSEGV)
[15 авг. 2022 19:47:56.645] QMPlay2 crashed (SIGSEGV)

Do you get a popup window from QMPlay2 informing you of the login credentials for the private video?

You can redo your playlist:

Don’t use private videos requiring login credentials - which interrupt A/V playback and download processes.

Otherwise, I reviewed your playlist as mentioned in the ports bug report. No issues yet.