QMPlay2 as internet radio player

Sharing the info in case it’s useful (nightly 64 bit).

Wanted to use a separate internet radio player but had no luck in my tries with StreamRadio (I know that some work is going on and maybe at some point will be ready).

So I tried with QMPlay2 and was once again very positively surprised ! Was playing radio before with it but hadn’t used its search facilities which work very well ! After that I wanted to have a specific UI layout when listening radio compared to when I am using it for video. And I discovered that it supports profiles ! After a little experimentation I am fully satisfied with QMPlay2 for listening internet radio. This application is just amazing in how many different things it does and how well it does it. I was always a VLC fan (and still am) in all platforms. Very glad we have it in Haiku. But QMPlay2 is yet another amazing piece of software in my opinion.

So this is how my radio player looks like:




Few months ago you could even use the search function in Qmplay2 to search many topics, like countries, musicstyle, top 10 and more for Radio Stations.
This function is not working atm.
But yes this app is a great one!

Edit: Ah did not see that they have changed the way searching is working.
You can search for Radio Stations with the drop-down menu.
Sorry I did not notice that little fact!

Here is mine:

It did work for me. I used the country search to list stations and also search by name universally to locate a jazz station I new its name. This is very recent nightly 64bit.