Qgit - a git client

Since I was having such problems with github, and much of my problem I’m sure was my network was very problematic.I did a quick build of Qgit. I still haven’t decided if I want to build an hpkg for it…I’m finding QT is a go-to crutch, and I might want to look at a python alternative.


Would be nice to have a recipe for it if there isn’t one yet.

Hi Diver! I’ll work on a recipe for it today. I’m planning on doing a fresh install of Haiku (gcc2) build, so I’ll see if it builds on a gcc2 build too.

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I did a receipe and built a hpkg on my x86_64 machine after work today. I’m going to do the fresh install of Haiku (gcc2) and see if it builds. I should have the receipe uploaded for review on github by tomorrow afternoon,or early evening depending on how the work day goes.

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