QEMU guest agent

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I‘m running Haiku as a virtual machine on my Synology DS. The „Virtual Machine Manager“ seems to be based on QEMU.
Is there a way to get the QEMU quest tools running in Haiku?

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Last time I checked qemu-guest-agent had not been ported to Haiku. So unless the situation has changed, that would be the very first step.

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Since I’m no programmer: Could this been done?

Anything can be done by whoever has time/will/competency on the subject. But as for every open-source software community, it will only be done if somebody with said time/will/competency is interested on working on the subject.

Looks like there are several programmers in this community using qemu, so I think it will probably happen at some point, we just do not know when.

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I don’t think I knew there are qemu guest tools, since Linux and Haiku seem to run quite well without installing anything additional.