Pycharm community edition

I wanted to take a break from working on some receipe for some packages, so I thought I’d see if pycharm community edition would run on Haiku. I was quite surprised that it does. The source of the community edition is 448MB and it does require Java. Here’s some screenshots







Their other tools work well too, like CLion, GoLand, and the Rust plug-in for CLion.

I wonder what’s in their JRE that’s not in the OpenJRE, and if it makes sense porting theirs. It’s open source on their GitHub page.

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Oh, that’s awesome. I just tested and to get PyCharm to run I had to manually install openjdk14_jre using pkgman and define JAVA_HOME variable. Did you have to do the same?

I installed openjdk14_jre also and I haven’t tried it with other versions of openjdk. I did not define my JAVA_HOME variable, as I was expecting having some issues which did not happen.

I was using Java 11, and installed openjdk11_default, which I think takes care of such things.