Push Notifications

I’m not sure if it already supports this, but i doubt that it does, since they were only invented after the death of BeOS.

Would be good if Haiku could support push notifications…

There you go… my two cents… :smiley:

Haiku does have notifications, and a preferences pane to go with the feature, but they aren’t totally ready for widespread use yet by third-party app[lication] developers, like mature platforms currently offer in their SDKs (i.e. iOS, Android, Win10).

As apgreimann stated, Haiku is provided with a notification system: when You boot Haiku ,as example, you will see a notification about the activity of your connection: you will also see this notification when you setup an email accont on Haiku or when you restart the media services: you will be alerted about new messages/events.

Personally I use a lot this system in my bash scripts (eg with cron or with Filer, to perform various automatic operations).
There are also some third-party applications (eg some Qt applications) which rely on the Haiku’s notification system.

Some example:

Haiku notification system

Haiku notification system

Haiku notification system