Progress CDDA-filesystem

Is there still someone working on the CDDA-Filesystem? I have read that Axel Dörfler was working on this Filesystem, (*** Removed - I see that CDDA is part of the Haiku Source code).

Does this work under Haiku 64 bit? Using an external USB DVD/CD Player it does not mount the Audio CD. Data-DVD mounts perfect.

Nobody is actively working on it. You can see activity here

Maybe @vidrep can comment on wether it is working or not.

It seems to be an issue with USB device. Just tried on a Sata drive and it worked fine. With an external usb dvd-writer it fails.
I guess it is not a problem with the cdda-fs driver, but with the usb support.

It’s a long standing issue. If you want to add a comment, maybe look here:

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