"Programming with Haiku" eBook re-issue available

Hi all,

after a full working night, I finally have completed a long-awaiting task I think it will be very useful to newcomers: putting some love to the good, old classic “Learning to program with Haiku” by Jon Yoder.

For this first release I’ve just reformatted and corrected some typos in the first volume of the serie. I then released it in more formats. No changes or integrations of new content.

The repo is available here, go to the releases page for direct download.

Here’s are some example pages from the PDF build:

Cover PDF Example 1 PDF Example 2 PDF Example 3

There’s a lot to do, yet:

  • Better styling of .epub version
  • Resolve some bugs in .mobi version
  • Finish the Docker image, to make life easier to contributors
  • Make the CI pipeline automatically update the release page.
  • Reformat and release the volume 2, ofc

Said that, this classic book is just a rough, very compact intro and it is a bit outdated IMHO. A severe update on the content should be made. But this is far beyond my skills, unfortunately, so I hope that some of you would help me in that. PRs welcomed :slight_smile:

so, I hope this helps and LCTM now :wink:


Great! Thanks👍

Is the ebook free? I need to buy it in the past

It was always been free and available to download buried somewhere on Haiku website (not easy to find, I must say), Only the printed version conts few bucks on lulupress.

I have payed for it and get the pdf from lulu or so. Long time ago.

Some chapters are free all the time.

It’s very easily found when clicking on “Development” on the Haiku front page…

I also paid (twice :slight_smile: ) for the PDF at Lulu. The link to Lulu doesn’t work an more. Haiku browsers seem to have trouble with the Lulu site. If it’s still available, I’d appreciate if someone could post the new URL and Jon probably any resulting purchases.


Here’s the page: https://www.lulu.com/search/?adult_audience_rating=00&contributor=Jon+Yoder

But the PDF versions are now free, btw. I’ve just placed an order, it still works.

I see the content of the PDF on Lulu is 99.99% the same of the one I’ve got, I just need to add some copyrights disclaimers that were missing from the openoffice files I have.

Thanks! I fixed the URL.

To be clear, I have asked Jon Yoder before changing the license (the PDF were originally under a BY-NC-ND and now it’s BY-NC-SA which allows changes and updates). I did not have the PDF, only the openoffice files he sent me.

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Thats nice to open it. Thanks to Jon Yoder.

What? It’s not in LaTeX?

well, no. it’s not. Actually I don’t see the point of providing that format, too.

Source files are in pandoc markdown, you can distill a .tex file with your template of choice, if you don’t like the formats provided.

There Creative Commons licence coexists with such cool copyright claim (all as we like): “All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or retransmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher.”

Also I realized there are mixed up names: originally “Programming with Haiku” was for expirienced programmators, “Learning to Program with Haiku” was for beginners (there are 2 different books).

Yes, I have the idea to rename them in “programming with haiku volume 1 and 2”, it’s less ambiguos.

about the errata, tnx for reporting! pls provide a PR or at least open an issue then. i think it’s more practical that discussing inthe forum :slight_smile:

Glad someone is keeping this updated. May I suggest adding some Haiku graphics programming in a future update. Although it’s probably simple and I merely missed it, I never really figured out native BeOS/Haiku graphics programming, so I had resorted to using SDL instead. Keep up the good work.

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