Problems with kTorrent and qTorrent

Hi, just installed Haiku Os. But can’t get k and q clients working… I install them but when i click on them they appear in tracker and then disappear after a second. What should I do?

Hello! Try to start that apps from the Terminal, and see if there shows any error message.

Before that, you have to look where kTorrent / qTorrent are installed. This could be done using the search function, or looking at the link properties available in the menu.

KTorrent: Session bus not found\nTo circumvent this problem try the following command (with Linux and bash)\nexport – it doesn’t do anything
QBittorrent: Just gives me a windows that says “qBittorrent is a file sharing program. When you run a torrent, its data …”

They are installed through Depot, can it be wrong about it :-D?

Hello! Try the following with kTorrent:

In terminal, type the following command, before start the app:

export $(dbus-launch)

After that, run the kTorrent and tell me if works.

Sorry, still doesn’t work.

Iirc there are haiku nativ solutions without qt

I just checked, and it looks like there are the only torrent clients having a GUI. There’s aria2 as well, doing its job, but a GUI would be nicer.

qBittorrent indeed displays that info window, which you have to close twice, and KTorrent doesn’t even install in my case:

Odd, it installs just fine on x86_64. Could you try this:

pkgman install ktorrent_x86

and see if there are any errors.

Welcome to the Haiku shell.

~> pkgman install ktorrent_x86
100% repochecksum-1 [65 bytes]
Validating checksum for Haiku…done.
100% repocache-2 [82.75 KiB]
Validating checksum for Haiku…done.
100% repochecksum-1 [64 bytes]
Validating checksum for HaikuPorts…done.
The following changes will be made:
in system:
install package libktorrent_x86-2.1.0-2 from repository HaikuPorts
install package ktorrent_x86-5.1.1~git-1 from repository HaikuPorts
100% libktorrent_x86-2.1.0-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg [1.09 MiB]
Checksum error:
*** expected ‘be260a34cd58b7a85908c3b0e55e52535da89363d67de89fb1f8d24de6cb59bd’
*** got ‘66f0b2868d8a7c6128ecac33be3e8b5a72e70199a15521b56dd4902d02d343d8’*** Failed to download package libktorrent_x86: Bad data
Validating checksum for…~> and see if there are any errors.

Hmm, I see the same problem now on x86_gcc2.
So libktorrent_x86-2.1.0-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg has somehow got corrupted. I’ve bumped the revision to get it rebuilt but at the moment all x86_gcc2 builders are offline.

libktorrent_x86 is fixed now.