Problems with Java IDEs

I am trying to coding with Java on Haiku. I tried NetBeans and IntelliJ. NetBeans was too laggy on my virtual machine so, i tried IntelliJ. But it stucks on a very little window, i can’t resize or use it.
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How i can solve that problem?

I recommend to run Haiku on real hardware. A lot of hardware is supported.


I have only one computer. And i can’t dualboot and use Haiku from USB (i have only one USB and it’s for recovery).

There are a couple options for you. If you’re using a ggc2 build of Haiku there is a hpkg of BlueJ version 3.1.7 which uses Openjdk8 on Beshare. If you’re on an x86_64 machine BlueJ version 3.17 will build using Openjdk8 (it is possible to get that version of BlueJ to use a later version of Openjdk)

Greenfoot 1.51 is another option and if I remember, it will readily build using later OpenJdk versions. Greenfoot uses different terminolgy (think games) as it for education purposes.


Here’s a couple screenshots that I took to show they will run.







You should tell hin the server on beshare too. The default one of tunetracker are offline.


Good idea!

if you’re going to use the gcc2 build of BlueJ available on Beshare, you should use the following server:

BlueJ throws errors.
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Those errors are because you tried to use a later openjdk. Openjdk8 was the last version which included tools which are needed to run Blue. In the later openjdk’s they use javafx for tools. I made a hpkg to install the java tools from openjdk8 to use in later openjdk’s.

Just got back from work and read your error message again. I think you also tried to install a newer version of BlueJ due to javafx. the last version of bluejay that doesn’t require javafx is 3.1.7