Problems sshing into a Haiku machine

When using the latest nightly build — is hrev55203 the right version number? — then when sshing into a Haiku machine I get enormous numbers of messages which look like this:

Name collision 'teletec' between
	teletec|Teletec Datascreen
and	teletec|Teletec Datascreen	Teletec Datascreen
Cannot remove alias 'Teletec Datascreen'

The list takes several minutes to scroll through, and happens every time a program which uses ncurses runs, which includes bash, so rendering the system largely unusable. Everything works fine from the console itself.

This smells like a termcap/terminfo bug — is the terminfo database duplicated? Is anyone else seeing this and can offer any workarounds? Oddly, I don’t see any other reports of this.