Problems about ncurses

can somebody please explain me shortly what the trouble about ncurses is,
like in
ghc patches

Not sure where you see a trouble in the link you posted, after the latest update on ncurses all relying recipes need to be rebuild to use the newer ncurses version here

I don’t see anything about cursese mentionned in the path you linked to. Please elaborate which problem you are getting.

In the case of ghc there were some tricks because ghc is written in Haskell. So, to port it to Haiku we first had to cross-compile it from Linux. That binary was then used in Haiku to recompile it and put it in a package (jessicah did most of the work to get there). The problem is, the binary linked against ncurses 5, and Haiku then switched to ncurses 6. This resulted in the binary-only, hard to rebuild package, not being usable.

So later on I had to temporarily re-enable the ncuses 5 package to get that old binary running again, and used it to build a newer version of ghc linking against ncurses 6. That is what the “ghc78” recipe is supposed to do. But I see it is disabled currently. It should be fixed, and then we can use it to build later versions of ghc up until the current ones.

Just a note about GHC in case someone comes across this while thinking about making that effort - I was able to build more recent versions, a separate lineage starting with a .c files back in version 6 when that was an optional intermediate compilation. Compile to C on NetBSD, rest of the way on Haiku. Not super high quality ghcs - they crash during the ghc build, but they work fine for my dinky projects.

Anyway, yeah, 8.10, you can do that - on 32 bit Haiku. On 64 bit, come prepared to solve a problem with code generation for -shared linking (in any version of GHC.) The way GHC does it gets into trouble with relocations. The guys at GHC central seem somewhat overwhelmed trying to keep up with the general ferment in GHC and will have no idea what you’re talking about. I personally am done with GHC.

Thanks a lot for the clearance on that topic!

I actually got somehow confused cause i didn’t find hugs anymore on the haiku depot and
somehow had the impression it wasn’t only discontinued but removed because of some
problem with ncurses - while it actually was continued and brought up to date.

So, the only question left for me is, if you follow wikipedia there is besides hugs :GHC, NHC, JHC, Yhc, UHC

  • if it makes sence to try any of these.


Depends on what you’re up to. If you want to use third libraries, for example, that will probably mean GHC (and some luck, since our packaged ghc version is a bit outdated.) I fooled around with NHC for a while years ago, and it was fine with some limitations - foreign function interface is OK but not as full featured, and there’s little if any support for concurrent OS threads.