Problem with tumblr on WebPositive

The tublr webpage opens for a split second and then disappears,
most other sites work well, though

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Tumblr uses Javascript heavily. WebPositive can’t handle all JS sites (but some). That’s a well-known issue. One of my favorite websites doesn’t work in WebPositive, too.

Have you tried “Web” also known as Epiphany?

Js works just fine, since when is that an issue?

Please report bugs to

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I am not aware of any problems with javascript in WebPositive, and I’m the main developer. So calling it “well known issue”, really?

Then memory must be playing tricks of me. I think we have talked about this here in the forum. I’ll try to find the thread. If I can’t find it I will make a bug report.

gnome Web (Epiphany) seems to be working well!
I also downloaded Falkon,
video streaming also works well,
and so does sound