Problem with goto page

Noticed this little quirk this morning. If you go to the “Suggestion Box” and click the “2” underneath the media os topic, it will take you to the first page, not the second.

hmm, it works for me… what browser?

the link to page 2 adds start=15 to the url, so see if that shows up.

I had thought this was a bug - it’s just coincidence that the first post on the new page seems like the first post in the topic. I think :smiley:

I double checked and something is definitely wrong for me. I am using konqueror 3.2.3 as my browser. When I mouse over the link, I see the link has the start=15 at the end of the URL, but after I click on it, I end up at the URL without the start=15. I just checked it again with mozilla and it behaved correctly, so it looks like this is actually a browser issue.