Problem with brazilian portuguese keymap

Hello everybody,
I’m new to Haiku, installed it a few days ago and I’m having problem with the brazilian portuguese keymap in a few applications, namely TeXmacs and Web (Epiphany).

In these apps and a few others the deadkeys and numpad work weird or don’t work at all, I noticed that in the native apps they work normally.

Has anyone faced this problem? I played with the Keymap Switcher and Keymap apps a bit and couldn’t fix it… What could this be?

Welcome Profeta_Fernando!

At least for Epiphany, there are known issues with some keys, see e.g. Incorrect keymap handling · Issue #3 · X547/wayland-server · GitHub. I think there’s nothing users can do here, besides copy&pasting from a native app. “@” is something I stumble upon regularly… :slight_smile:

Hey, humdinger, thank you.
Oh well, c’est la vie… I made a custom keymap for TeXmacs with no dead keys, and a custom for web with the NumLock shifted. Things are working a little better now. The fact that the system can remember which keymap each application uses is very convenient.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

I almost sent you a message yesterday, I was trying to compile your TimeTracker and it’s been years since I messed with programming like that. I’m making a project out of adding a few functionalities to it.

It’s been a long while since I last touched the code of TimeTracker… It’s a nice little project to get (back) into coding. Do create a PR with your changes, if they are any good. :smiley: