Problem loading on Asus eepc 2g

Good day! I have a problem booting Haiku on my Asus eepc 2g surf.

Loading stops at stage 4. The loading process for CPU modules does not work. This laptop has a Celeron M533 processor. Loading was fine before. I could use the operating system perfectly, after which I installed Windows XP. I’m currently having trouble installing the haiku back.

Please help me!

Boot Haiku
Right before you see the bootloader screen (the row of icons on a black page), tap the space key quickly.
A menu should appear.
Choose Select safe mode options

how about this way?

I have already tried starting in safe mode. All the same. I was able to enable logging and take a photo of the error.

The next time I start, the log has changed.

try another usb flash to do your installing.
these information, your usb flash is broken.

I was able to boot the OS on another device from the same drive… Thank you very much for your help. I’ll try to find another flash drive.

Did not help. The booting also stops with another flash drive. And the laptop freezes completely. (There is no reaction to Ctrl+Alt+Del). Could this problem be caused by an incorrectly partitioned built-in hard drive?

Please help! It also won’t boot from another drive!!!

Try with an empty, clean usb disk, and rewrite the Haiku ISO from the site in it. Does it boot ?

What is the type of hard disk you are using in this machine ? Is it the native one it came with, or some other part ?

This laptop has a native drive installed: disk on chip.
I destroyed all partitions on it. . . Should I try creating a gpt partition table on it?

And yes, it does not boot from the installation ISO.

I mean, recreate the usb boot drive from the site´s ISO.

You said it booted before. Did it boot from the hard disk, after installation, or only from the usb ? Was it with Beta4 ? Are you trying with the same , or are you trying with one of the nightlies ?

No need to change it to gpt. How big is it ?

The references I found say the eepc 2g has only a 2GB flash drive, is that yours ?

One thing I remember when installing windows on these machines, have you tried with the boot usb on different usb ports ?

Hard disk capacity 2 gigabytes. But I won’t install a system on it. I’ll install it on SD card. That’s what I used to do. And yes, the OS used to boot from both HDD and USB storage.

Until now , we have advised to use another usb disk, but can you try with another SD Card ?

Also, try booting from the newly-created usb drive without the SDCard inserted. Does it boot ( even in Safe Mode, if necessary ) ?

And can you check which version did you use before ?
Also, how much RAM does the machine have ?
Because " … The x86 32-bit release of Haiku will run on a Pentium or better CPU with 384 MiB of RAM (as long as virtual memory is activated), 1.5 GiB of storage space and a VESA compliant video card." …

The specs I found for that machine say only 256MB RAM

I’ve already tried it. I recorded the system image onto a USB drive and tried to boot. I posted the log of this launch above. I haven’t inserted a sd card when loading yet.

Which version ?

My device has 512 MB of RAM. And yes, I’m booting the 32bit version.

I wasn´t very clear : Which hrev was it that worked before, and which hrev are you trying with now ?