Printing from ThinkFree Office under Haiku

I updated my Haiku install to 49214 today and I noticed that the JDK also got updated to 1.7_u80_b32-2 so I thought I’d give ThinkFree Office another go and - behold - I now have a pretty complete office suite running under Haiku! Unlike last time I tried TFO, I can now actually see and edit documents under both Write and Calc! :slight_smile:

I say ‘pretty complete’ as I’ve had to postpone any celebrations as I’ve been unable to print anything from TFO. I have configured my (gutenprint) printer under the Haiku printer prefs and printed a test page but when I try to print anything under TFO I’m told:

“There is not available print service. You must install printer first”

Has anyone got printing to work under Haiku TFO? I was thinking I might be able to work around this by exporting to PDFs and then printing the PDFs but PDF export isn’t working for me either:

“There are no fonts can embedding in your PDF file. Verify your font file”

I’ve reproduced the grammatical mistakes in the error messages btw! :slight_smile:

There is no printing support in the OpenJDK port at the moment. The only printing API available on Haiku (BPrintJob) is quite limited – and it didn’t seem able to provide programmatic configuration of the printer like OpenJDK needs.

I expected that would be the problem but I’m very disappointed to hear that you don’t think that the current Haiku printing API is up to it.

Are there plans to extend BPrintJob so that it might be suitable for such tasks or might we as well forget about printing (at least under TFO and other Java apps) until after R1?

I have the same issue. Exporting to pdf used to work, but for some reason it doesn’t anymore, I think it is since the fonts got separated into packages, though I’m not sure why that would cause it. I’m sure there used to be more fonts in haiku than are available in packages now? That could be it.

BTW, did you do anything special to get it to display the documents in write and calc? I have the same issue, but only on one of my machines (which is odd because they are both running the same version of haiku and TFO). Could it be that java is compiled using some instruction that I don’t have on my little atom netbook? This also happens when I run under vmware though (on an i5).

Another thing, try editing ~/config/settings/tfo4/startup to read like below, you’ll be pleasantly surprised :wink:

-Xms128m -Xmx512m -Dtfo.premium.edition=false -Dtf.retail.distribution=false -Dtfo.debug=false

IIRC, the display issue with write and calc are graphics driver related.

Odd, because both my machines are using vesa graphics!

danboid: it might be possible to hack up an implementation for printing using the current API – just providing sensible default values to OpenJDK and ignoring any requests for configuration. I’m afraid it’s not high on my priority list though.

As far as extending the printing API goes, nothing prevents this being done before R1 – so long as the existing API is not changed (new classes or functions can be added). I don’t know of any plans to do so though.