Printer HP LaserJet 1020

Hello, how i can use my printer HP LaserJet 1020?, I tried to run it with drivers 1022 and 1015 because didn’t find 1020, but it’s not working

Look here if your printer is supported:

Looks like your printer is not listed there.
My printer a Brother HL-1430 is not listed there too!
Brother HL-140 and HL-1450 are there. So similar situation for me too. Sorry.

it’s sad, as i understand it is long time until my printer will be supported

Will there be any progress with supporting HP laserjet 1020 at all? Or better not to wait it?

If it’s compatible with HP-PCL or PostScript there’s hope. Otherwise not.

How can I check that?

Try an older driver from the same make. Like an old LaserJet 4 or so to see if it’s backwards compatible to HP-PCL. We’re going out on a limb for something that old but HP made that a standard for a while.

PostScript is an Adobe invention that PDF was based on. If you can find a generic PostScript driver, it might also be worth a try.

The last resort might be trying to copy a PDF directly to the printer. Any phone compatible printer supports PDF printer codes directly. For older printers it’s a long shot but most modern ones will work. If this last one works, GhostScript will translate PostScript printer outputs to PDF.

I can’t talk for other brands, but the problem with most HP printers is that their drivers rely on hplip, their own drivers/maintenance software. Essentially hplip is a a bunch of python-based applications, so in theory this wouldn’t be a problem. However most of the drivers themselves are proprietary and they are not really available even in GNU/Linux distros of BSDs. Instead, just hplip is available. You have to run hp-config (part of hplip) which will in turn run another hplip app to find the proper driver for your printer, then download it from HP. It is a unnecessarily layered process. One would expect this shouldn’t be the case for older HP printers, but it is for many of them. I imagine this would be a problem for Haiku as well. I had reasonable success with more generic drivers, but this depends on the specific HP model.

It should be possible to use many modern printers using AirPrint/IPP Anywhere, that’s what Apple uses on the iPad and they made a good job of convincing printer manufacturers to support the iPad in this way.

However, we don’t yet have a driver for it.

I own a HP Color laserJet MFP M281fdw, it’s a multifunction colour laser printer. After trying almost every possible combination, I landed to this one which works pretty well:

Driver: Gutenprint
Model: HP Color LaserJet 4700ph+
Transport: HP JetDirect

I suspect that the majority of HP printers can work with Haiku given the right configuration.