Previous versions of an application


Is it possible to download from Haikudepot previous versions of an application?

Each time I try it I get a ‘404 Not Found’ error.

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That’s what I’m trying:

  • I open and select an app, for example Artpaint
  • I click on “All versions” at the bottom of the page
  • I choose a previous version, for example 2.6.1
  • I click on “Download package ‘hpkg’ file”
  • I get this error: ‘404 Not Found’

I tried it using WebPositive, Dooble and Falkon. It fails trying to download previous versions of any application.
If I try to download current versions, it works ok.


I tried outside Haiku with same results.
It seems that previous versions are not available at the moment indeed.

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Not totally sure but I think the older versions aren’t all being kept around (server storage isn’t cheap I guess), you could always ask someone if they could build you an older version for a package that isn’t available anymoere (if it doesn’t come with a ton of dependencies also not being around).