Presention about haiku

I’m going to present about haiku on coming Wednesday in MashhadLUG 56th session and I need resources and some references on Web , Please Help me and tell me which website to go and i need some videos and pictures of haiku
and remember and other video sharing is filtered(blocked) in Iran and I need other website to visit !
and I need these information:
When Haiku started? and by who?
common features and differences from other OSes

Hi mehionline!

For pictures and esp. videos, I suggest to install Haiku as a virtual machine in e.g. VMware or VirtualBox etc. Take screenshots from there and use some screencapturing software for videos.

There are a few very nice articles on OSNews from when the first alpha came out, e.g.

Good luck with your presentaion. For the next time, I guess, you should start preparing a bit earlier… :slight_smile:


Bryan Lunduke from the Linux Action show has some nice articles on R1A1 & R1A2.

Colin has a blog post titled: “2009-04-16: History: Changing names, how OpenBeOS became Haiku”

YouTube has a nice collection of videos too.

He/she just told us the “holy” government has blocked Youtube there.

mehionline, one thing I think you might want to highlight about Haiku, is how fast applications start. Haiku never implemented a loading cursor because it would never be shown anyway. This blew me away when I started using the OS. (The same speed cannot always be seen in a virtual machine though)

they told me about presentation on Friday it was’t my fault to start late (they=mashhadlug)

The user guide has a lot in it that you could show, like a demonstration on how the user interface and tracker work, and setting MIME file types. Have a look through it for some ideas.