PostgreSQL 11 Failed to install

I attempted to install the PostgreSQL ORDBMS in H1B1 (64-bit), I successfully install postgresql11.

However, when installing ‘postgresql11_server’, I received the following error:

Fatal error occurred while installing package
postgresql11_server: Failed to find a match for
“postgresql11_server” ()

Any clue what needs to be done to get by this error?

Try pkgmain install postgresql11.

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Well, that seems to have the done the trick…I will verify tomorrow when I have time to start up PG and build PG databases.

More to come!

Well…I have PostgreSQL 11.1 up and running. I will create new tablespaces and new databases and will fully test PostgreSQL soon enough.

Also, I downloaded SQL Workbench/J (since pgAdmin is currently unavailable for Haiku)–it is not pretty–but is fully functional so far. Once I start really working the DBs, I will test what works and what does not.

Thank you for your assistance!! Have fun everyone!!