Post your Haiku screenshot!


That’s no nice.[/quote]

Please explain why.[/quote]

childish demagogy again? (for those who don’t know it’s about my recent mailing list conversation) revenge of sith

ok I’ll explain it just in Haiku’s Mailing List manner: “I like it that’s why”

p.s. Note for dev: I don’t like the icons. Features and animations are very nice and smooth good job…


I don’t like default gray color of menus and windows, like Diogen, so I add a touch of color :


re: HiQDock: I’m the developer and I’m a private 3rd-party developer.

The icons in the dock are completely the user’s choice (and can be different or the same as the icon shown in the Tracker and the rest of the Haiku ecosystem).


Well, are passed three years since I posted the last screenshot of my Haiku’s Desktop, so here the current :slight_smile:

I changed the Deskbar’s logo using quickres and i set the Beos Decorator for the windows.
Wallpaper made with WonderBrush: Maybe Haiku does have wallpaper


Here’s my workstation… using a Haiku backdrop from the same thread quoted above. I notice several people love replicants/customizations – it seems I keep a rather spartan desktop, and hide everything inside the ‘stowed’ (home) folder. :smiley:


My Haiku:


Is there a way to store the theme, when we make a theme?
A theme will have colors preference, font, etc.


Maybe some 3th party software can do this?
But this is definite “must have” enhancement.


There are a program for themes and is open source haiku theme


I have to admit it’d be sorely needed. Something like the Appearance Manager on Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2, with an added Dark Mode to it. Once I figure out how to apply the preferences to disk, it’d be fun to work on this in the future.


You can just save preferences/Appearance.
But the work to manage it more efficiently is already done:!/pkg/thememanager/haikuports/1/0_git/-/-/3/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc126-KCUC


Something wrong with that app, it do nothing.


If you click in “Show Options” you must see the diferent configurations for Deskbar, etc. You can customize each option and then, save all under a “theme”.

In any case, it’s true that the ThemeManager needs some more love :slight_smile:


Buttons in ThemeManager are inactive (in different GUI theme it is not obvious for you).


The Theme Manager has some bugs, but works very well. Give me few days, I’ ll made a video tutorial, how use it.


I dream with themes from zeta perfectly accepted by haiku os :laughing:


First it will be fine to get back the window themes from older haiku versions back… or beos?


How make “ThemManager” work? I have installed themes from Zeta, but I can not change or edit, or add anything (all buttons in apps gui are inactive). I only can to switch between themes. Also zeta themes are only partially supported (but this not big deal, if I will able to edit them).


The video is ready!


New screenshot, with new wallpaper which I made by myself on Haiku, using Mandelbrot (the fractal generator) and Wonderbrush :wink:
(click on image to enlarge)