Post your Haiku screenshot!


@Giova84 Nice clock, how did you pull that off ? care to share your patch ?


Is an old beos app called DigitalClock_Applet_2.8_x86, is not an app of mine or a patch :slight_smile:
I found it on BeShare and by going in its settings folder, I made (using WonderBrush) images to display the clock with the colors which I like.


Ok, thanks for the info.


No new posts since the last year? Let’s change that.

Revenge of the Bee
Wallpaper colors may remind oldfa… seasoned members of the community of something from the past). Apps: Dockbert, Qmmp, Weather (replicant).

Watching Waddlesplash interview about Haiku in QMPlay2 port in Haiku. Apps: QMPlay, Qmmp, Dockbert, Weather (replicant), FreeRapid Downloader (java-based, new versions of JDownloader stopped working in Haiku).


Way too much things.


Reviewing some apps/games from the Haiku Depot collection on the desktop…


My screen at the moment. Nothing too fancy though I do like many workspaces.


Working with Haikuports team on debugging Scribus 1.5.5 build and porting Falkon 3.0.1 web browser to Haiku with the new Qt 5.10.1. A futuristic concept. KStars to look for planetary things.


Can’t wait for Falkon! I was wondering if someone was working on that.



How is this possible?


x86 based Kindle? Secret work on ARM port? VNC server? Putting an Haiku screenshot in an e-book?
Lack of keyboard makes me think the first two options are out :smiley:


Nothing fancy, just a VNC client on a jailbroken Kindle.
But it have touchscreen, so a virtual-keyboard would be possible if one ports Haiku to ARM, or even with VNC too.


I like this one! Very peaceful.


Wow! I have an idea to port a basic, open UI over to the iPad over a personal server, but that’s a dream of mine.


Here is a recent snapshot of Haiku hrev51987 with my successful Haiku build of Mesa 18.1.1 (OpenGL 4.5 API/Vulkan 1.1 driver work) and checking out some NetFlix movies in WebPositive.


Like some of the other screenshots here, it have a lot of picture noise as horizontal lines.
What bug is that?

And I am right, that all screenshots with the noise lines are taken in Haiku itself and all screenshots without them are running Haiku in an Virtual Machine and the Virtual Machine or the Host Operating System have taken the screenshot?


I never seen any noise on my screenshots, and i do them in Haiku without any vm.


Yes, I think there is a bug in the screenshot app, it uses 32bit PNG and leaves the alpha channel uninitialized, but declares it as present still (it supports transparency to do proper single window shortcuts, with the window tab, windows may not be exactly rectangle).


they almost never do if you consider the title tab