Post R1: Ideas from others systems

Most of us like the BeOS R5 look.
I think we could be inspired by others GUI and discuss about them for Haiku post R1… Don’t be ashamed to link Linux sites :lol:

So what do you think about :

I really like the look of those shots. At the risk of looking dense, are those doctored screenshots or something pulled from Linux?


That are mockups done for KDE4, seen on

i like this a lot though i’m not a big fan of colored text or that green button

It looks likes something that’s still at the first stage of what already can never become attractive. :?


Maybe we should go for skinning support:)

I want something that doesn’t need to be skinned.

arielb wrote:
I want something that doesn't *need* to be skinned.

True, true… You think there’ll ever actually be agreement, though?

but usually apps that seem to focus so much on skinning are really ugly!

I just don’t want yellow… could never understand that

If I had a mac, the first thing I will throw away are the blue scrollbars (I know i can switch to graphite though there is a major problem with some of the buttons).

On the other hand, macos9 and windows classic are a bit boring. i want a nice clean look. stylish but not jumping at me. And this black talk for Leopard really bothers me. It just gets in the way of what people need to do with their computers.

I quite like the yellow & grey, actually, though if I could design it myself, I’d probably go for white & blue, with the occasional black and yellow.

For R1, I think the yellow tabs should stay, though. Make it look like what it is: A slightly modernised BeOS… when major modifications start to show up, it can be changed.

oh yeah for R1 even i would definitely definitely keep the yellow tabs. It is important to leverage the BeOS/zeta community and ecosystem so we have something to fall back on as we move forward.

noisetonepause wrote:
arielb wrote:
I want something that doesn't *need* to be skinned.

True, true… You think there’ll ever actually be agreement, though?

No OS should NEED to be skinned - it’s usually a want-based problem.

It has already been discussed that color-selection will be possible in Haiku (probably even for R1) - but theming/skinning is not planned. Seriously, the only people that theme/skin their OS are those who want it to look different. Very seldom is there a NEED.

There is a need when the look of the UI gets in the way of what you’re trying to do.

I think if Apple introduced MacOSX with graphite (with some visual indicator for the close,max,min buttons) I really think everyone would be happy if it was default. They can’t do it now because people are ‘spoiled’ but I bet those who use their macs for design work switch to that theme.

You’d be surprised how many Mac users do absolutely nothing in the way of customisation, dock in the default place with the default icons, that blue background picture, didn’t even give their computer a name etc etc… I could never do that, but I don’t fundamentally change how it looks either.