Possibility to use BeFS on optical Mediums

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As the Title say, I would ask if it is possible to use BeFS on optical Mediums like DVD Ram or Blu Rays? And if it is possible, can Someone tell me how to do this?

DVD-Ram works like a harddisk, you can use ext, or fat or bfs, but it is very slow.

Blueray and DVD wont work

Just as you write Haiku install image onto DVD or any optical medium (if disc size matches to image size or bigger) than you will use BFS,
that’s why Haiku install media consists of
→ a BFS filesystem formatted partition - containing a Haiku install (to have a Live feature for OS probation and Installer/install material as well :))
→ and a smaller UEFI boot partition - FAT32 formatted - to have a
UEFI boot option as well.
Of course this way it will be a read-only BFS filesystem.

If you understand that in an another way to “use BFS on optical medium” please precise your question.

“I wanna use it for backup/archive purpose”
“I wanna use it as a storage drive”

The one and only writer software I know on Haiku – BurnItNow – had not worked reliably for me - it had not erased a CD RW and a DVD RW disc as well.
I had written Haiku images previously on them on another machine/OS – successfully.

Yes I know and I can format a DVD-RAM with BeFS. But if I will copy some Stuff to it, a Message occurs which say that the Object cant’t be created :confused:

But I need it only for backups so I would also be happy if it works over an Image File or so.

Yes, “I wanna use it for backuo/archive purpose”

Dit it mean I can create a File, say 20 GB, format it with BeFS and write it with BurnItNow/CR-R Tools, etc to the Disk using the “Write Imagefile to Disk” Function/Feature?

Yes. This is how our install DVDs work. Ifyou create the image beforehand and burn it to a dvd or blueray disk in one go, there is no problem, haiku can read it back.

keep in mind that 20GB is too big for DVD.

Traditional DVD have about 4,7GB of storage. Dual layer has about double, best would be to check the capacity of the disks beforehand.

The underlying CD recording tools (I’m not sure which version is in use, there were various splits over the years) should support Bluray drives; but I’d imagine that there has been very minimal testing of it and particularly limited if any testing of it in the GUI tools.

I do have SATA BD-RE drive I bought with the vague intent of trying to get Bluray playback working in VLC. That was about ten years ago. I haven’t tried it yet.

As Adrien wrote
yes it is possible - but not within Haiku, at least not with BurnItNow.

That write software handles only CDs and DVDs

## About

BurnItNow is an application to burn CDs and DVDs.

Source >>>--------------> BurnItNow site page

Theoratically you can write bigger image file(s) e.g 20 GB, on Haiku, but only

to disks (HDD, SDD - I suggest them in TB /or some hundred GB/ sizes for example; or even SD cards now)
instead of
discs (Bluray)

If you set rights

chmod 444 ./your_image_file

your image file would be read-only.

Alternatively you can write the file onto Bluray in another OS (where you have a Bluray capable image burner software). The prepared file should be copied under that OS storage, or using large USB drive.

Or you can use the Installer to clone / archive your system and data, onto another media.

However I must warn you - installer could not handle massive GB size media files, especially if there’s more than one - it had failed ( for me ) to copy those files, and install process had not finished, but interrupted - I had to kill Installer.
The install process interrupted at some file of those, after a while. I assume installer prepared so to copy numerous, but smaller files quickly, so it might have some buffer size adjustment issues or similar.
Also, the installation lasts … in that case … Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ! :smiley:

BurnItNow is just a frontend for cdrecord (as are all the other tools on Haiku). If cdrecord supports blueray, for this use case of burning an already prepared image, no extra support from the frontend software is needed. So, if cdrecord works, BurnItNow will also work.

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Thank you for the Help and Hints.

I tested it and the Following is what I found out:

cdrecord burns Blu Rays without any Problems But it seems that Haiku can’t read the burned Stuff properly from the Disk. But if I create an Image File from the Disk, mount it with File Mounter and copy the Files from the mounted Image, this seems to work for me. Sure, it is slow but there is no Need to use a second OS :smiley:

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That sounds like a bug to me, maybe make a ticket. : )

Who has BluRay writer among devs to work on that ticket ?
Would they turn to always to WynterSkai to check out changes ?

I think optical drives nowadays are very seldom.

I do not say it would not work out, but
would be very slow, wouldn’t be ?