Porting old BeOS code to latest Haiku nightlies

Since I got my new computer last month I decided to get back into coding. I want to clean up my old code and start on some new programs for Haiku-OS.

Mind you I don’t claim to be a great programmer, but I have created some programs in the past to help me with certain problems.

However, I seem to have a real problem with my more advance programs.

All of these programs compiled okay under BeOS, but they spam out tons of errors when I try to compile them on Haiku-OS. Worse, some will compile under GCC2 but fail under GCC4.

While I have figured out some of the errors most of them leaves me at a lose.

Yes, I know it is certainly my fault in not getting some simple little thing, but I need help.

I have gone thru the online guides, but they don’t answer enough questions.

While I can post on the mailing list, I want to include the source code, and a dump of the terminal report. Is it okay to give large attachments to the mailing list? Are zip files okay?

PS. It is my GUI code that seems to have the most problems.