Porting ncursesw app

Hello. I’m trying to compile a linux app that requires ncursesw libs. I had installed the development packages of ncurses 5.9 from HaikuDepot.

However, when executing the configure script, I get the following error:
checking ncursesw/ncurses.h usability… no
checking ncursesw/ncurses.h presence… no
checking for ncursesw/ncurses.h… no
configure: error: Headers for ncursesw not found.

In the configure.ac file, I had the following:

Deps - ncursesw

AC_CHECK_LIB([ncursesw], [waddnwstr], ,
AC_MSG_ERROR(Required library ncursesw not found.))
AC_CHECK_HEADER([ncursesw/ncurses.h], ,
AC_MSG_ERROR(Headers for ncursesw not found.))

I guess that the configure script is not looking where the libs are in Haiku. Maybe someone could give me a hint to modify it?

Thank you!

Change every ncursesw to ncurses.
Afaik the Haiku ncurses port have wide char support.


It seems every ncurses version provides ncursesw library, so maybe the problem is something else. Which program are you trying to port?

the way autotools works is it try to compile a simple program including the header file and making sure that works. Sometimes it doesn’t work because it indeed does not find the header or library (maybe an incorrect path), but sometimes it fails for unrelated reasons.

So, we would need the name of the package so we can experiment with it, or failing that, the complete output of autotools (config.log), that includes the failed program and the compiler error it produced.

Also, why are you using ncurses 5.9? There is ncurses 6 available in the depot and that is the recommended one to use now.

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Having the error in config.log would help to narrow down the problem

Hello, and thanks for all of your answers :slight_smile:

Here is the config.log:

The app that I’m trying to compile is:

According to configure.ac it seems to be an easy ride.

Forget to add:

I tried using ncurses 6, but I had the same issue.

I will try modifying the ncursesw/ncurses.h with simple ncurses.h and check.

It depends on alsa, so even if you fix the ncurses check it still wont work.

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I see… then, is a lost cause after all… :joy:
Thanks anyway for the help !!!

Actually it mentions libao which isn’t related to ALSA and which I think we have a port (or at least a start), so maybe libasound is just used for volume control and can be skipped…

According to my tests it is not the case.

asoundlib.h is only included by mixer.c which provides volume control, and main.c for cleanup.