Porting a new database to BeOS using Perl


I am new to Haiku & BeOS but have admired it for a long time. I am part of the open source Genezzo database project. It is an advanced database written entirely in Perl. It is extremely portable and already running on Linux, Windows, and Solaris.

I thought it would be time to port to BeOS, using the Perl 5.8 implementation. However during the build and selftest scripts, the BeOS Perl implementation gave a segment fault and was terminated.

Before I can proceed with the Genezzo port I need to get some Perl support. Is anyone doing Perl support at this time?

I should mention that I did my build on Personal BeOS 4.5 and it hung twice during the build process. I thought this was odd because my understanding is that BeOS is pretty stable. The hard it was on is pretty stable. So maybe version 5.03 is a better development environment?

I’d appreciate any advice you folks can provide.


Personal 4.5? R4.5 is ancient, and BeOS’s PERL port needs R5.03 for networking to even approach working.

AndrewZ wrote:
I'd appreciate any advice you folks can provide.
What MYOB probably ment to say is, R4.5 is out of date. The last release was R5 which you can download for free as well as the development tools here: http://www.bebits.com/app/2680

Perl 5.8.0 here:

This last one apparently contains downloads for net_server build as well if you’ve updated your system to BONE (which you might want to do, see comments on that page).

Happy Hacking :smiley: