Port of Haiku to the Sony PlayStation 3? (Cell CPU)

The PS3 had a feature called OtherOS to use other operating systems like Linux or BSD on the console and although this was removed, it just so happens that jailbreaking your console can unlock this feature again, it would be highly unpractical but really cool to see a more modern OS available for this platform since Linux developers seem to puke at the thought of something that isn’t ARM.
I think I know what the answer will be here but it would be fun to see your input on this as the PS3’s Cell CPU is architecturally similar to PPC64 (which I know has a working bootloader I think).
This could also be a good opportunity to expand the possibilities for Haiku’s joypad drivers and it’s Nvidia display drivers (the PS3 uses Sony’s “Reality Synthesizer” which is a upgraded Nvidia Geforce 7800 Ultra at it’s core).

The expected answer is: How far did you got so far with the porting?


You can just connect the DualShock 3 to a PC if you want to make a driver. As for the Nvidia chip, I think most people in the open-source world would rather just avoid Nvidia and go for AMD or Intel.

It’s rather that NVidia doesn’t want opensource code to run on their hardware and does not provide any documentation to help make it happen, unlike Intel and AMD which both give at least some level of support.


To be fair