Port Microsoft 3D Movie Maker (just open sourced)

Dunno if a 1995 software can be useful in any way to Haiku (users), but it could be an interesting “challenge”…


Hope that inspires !

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As a challenge it could be potentially interesting. But the software itself is… well… of questional value.


It is Windows software from 1990s. Porting will need fighting with compilers who don’t want to handle old code that is probably full of visual C specificities. It is probably faster to write an application from scratch.

Or use ReactOS insted of Haiku to run your Windows apps :slight_smile:


It can be adapted for 64 bit and run with Wine.


There’s at least something that can be learned from, to maybe enhance haiku multimedia nle etc

If it’s anything like any other MS software it might also use all of their layers and layers of libraries. There are interesting things in those, like how they store dates as “number of 100-nanosecond intervals since jan 1, 1601” - different from most other commonly used epochs.

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