POLL: Should release iso's be zipped?

Mounting “Haiku” partition from the the TC0 64 bits ISO, Tracker shows: 1.37 GiB total size, 1.02 GiB used, 360.16 MiB free.

And the _sources_ directory has 336.11 MiB of GPL’ed sources.


Not much use on the free space for a real ISO (to be burnt into CD/DVD), but it comes in handy when writting the image to pendrives/memory-cards, and having only one image for both cases (anyboot) makes sense considering bandwidth/storage costs.

Not sure why the sources have to be in the image (as they are already available via HaikuDepot/pkgman), when even most Linux distros don’t include sources on their install media.

Maybe a separate source download to save Mbytes?

As someone who downloads and installs Haiku I really don´t care if the downloaded media is compressed or not. Just do what´s best for the project (and the environment if that is a concern)


I think these kind of decisions shouldn’t be asked to users. Most of this discourse is simply byte waste.

which country do you live?

not a fan, linux distros often don’t even come with a unzip utility, infuriating. fill up the 700mb, in future a fat distro using a DVD would be nice.

the best demo apps, media etc.

giving users a choice doesn’t hurt either

your sounding like a LinuxDev, roflmao, only from terminal, and you have to compile it yourself, and set your own option flags etc. no gui for you

Do you really think you’re contributing much to the conversation with replies like that?

Negative comments are not that common on this site. Would be even less if you exercised some restrain.

Constructive criticism is valuable, with the emphasis on constructive. Name calling is anything but that.

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apparently people have a lot to say

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a little OT, but a tool that extends the partition to all the physical space of the pendrive or sdcard would be very useful, it has often happened to me that to do some tests or something else I would have needed to extend the pendrive that I flashed but I could not, for example today 32 GB or even larger pendrives are very common at a good price


Being able to resize the partition after writing the image would be ideal, yes. I guess that the free space we get now is just an interim/compromise solution until BFS resizing becomes possible.

In the meantime, DriveSetup can create more partitions on those pendrives/cards. Mostly useful for data, and not to install much apps, thou :slight_smile:


in fact, it would be the best solution, it would not be necessary to create “300 mb” empty more, even if I think that the zip compression algorithm eliminates that space, right?
Each stick with a command once you physically start haiku would extend the partition to the maximum physical size available.

The problem with including the sources is when physically distributing the CDs. In this case, the GPL license requires us to offer the source, there are various ways to do it but the simplest by far is including them in the disc image.

Also, who really uses CDs nowadays anyway?

I think you may have missed the sarcasm in my reply, which I thought was quite obvious…


Is this what archive.org does? They allow you to browse inside zip files and even download individual files from inside a zip file that they are hosting. It works pretty well.

No, what I’m referring to is completely transparent, when you download a webpage it’s compressed and your web browser just decompresses it. You wouldn’t notice at all when this happens, it is fully transparently handled by the web browser.

is it not enough to provide the link where the sources are accessible?
it seems to me that the sources of the linux distro are not in the iso, the sources can be downloaded at will, when needed

no one, just less bandwidth to waste, both server side and client side, and not only for the size of the iso, but also for updates in general I think… especially when you hopefully consider the potential increase in users

If you do it this way you have to make sure the link stays online for 3 years. And it has to be exactly matching the things on the CD (not newer or older versions). Which mean you have to own the website so you can guarantee that. Which means people can’t just give away CDs without re-hosting the sourcecode themselves if you read the license in the strict sense.

Do I care? No, not really. We could ignore the subtleties and say “yes the source is available somewhere, that’s good enough”. As long as none of the copyright owners decide to annoy us and demand the strictest interpretation of the license…

It’s certainly workable, but, as I said, just putting the sources on the DVD is a lot simpler and legal headaches free.

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Let put more work in eliminating GPL code from Haiku.

What is main source of GPL code? glibc? How did BeOS solve that problem?

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Out of curiosity, are the sources already zipped in the ISO ? Would using some “magic” compression scheme help, even if it would then take more time to uncompress ?

Out of curiosity, are the sources already zipped in the ISO ? Would using some “magic” compression scheme help, even if it would then take more time to uncompress ?

The hpkg format includes zstd compression, but zipping the overall image makes it a bit smaller.
I personally voted for uncompressed release iso’s because “everyone else is doing it”