Poll: Anyone using the 'fade history' feature of Clipdinger?

Got a question for the Clipdinger users…

Initially, I thought that fading clips over time would be a neat feature to get a feeling how far you had to scroll down to find a clipping you did some time ago.
But I never really used it. It just doesn’t work well when you do many clippings in a short time, and long stretches without much clipping between. It either fades too fast or too slow…
And ever since there’s a text filter, it’s much easier to find an old clipping by entering a few letters of the clipping you’re looking for.

So, I consider removing the ‘fading’ feature. What are your thoughts?

Remove the ‘fading’ feature from Clipdinger?
  • No - I use ‘fading’ and it must stay!
  • Sure - I don’t use ‘fading’ anyway.

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I like to think there are more that 8 other users… :slight_smile:
Never mind the absolute numbers, I guess 20% voting “No”, means it’ll stay.
I’ll keep the poll open for a while longer.

Maybe a preference for Disabled/Enabled, which defaults to Disabled ?

Got that from day one. :slight_smile: