I was looking into porting kindd, a Qt QUI for the dd command, that helps you burn bootable .iso files onto a thumb drive.

It uses a polkit to sense when a new USB drive is plugged in. Appears to compile clean all except for this part.

Just curious if there is any sample haiku code that I could pull from that senses when a USB drive has been plugged in?


Maybe USBDeskbar?

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You can probably use BUsbRoster to detect changes on USB ports (I guess this is what USBDeskbar does), but ideally this would rather detect mass storage devices, so maybe have a look at DiskProbe or DriveSetup which are apps keeping track of that. I don’t know if either of them does live updates, however.

Polkit doesn’t provide USB device watching. An example of the functionality with BDiskDeviceRoster is found at haiku/AutoMounter.cpp at 7b3e89c0944ae1efa9a8fc66c7303874b7a344b2 · haiku/haiku · GitHub

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ok, great… thanks for the suggestions, I’ll take a look.

Polkit (Policy Kit) is a framework for privilege control based on actions and rules. Ie: allow users to mount usb mass storage devices.