Policy error from haikuporter

I’m fixing the recipe for x265 and haikuporter goes OK on haiku 64 bit.
On haiku 32 bit the build completes successfully, then haikuporter halts:

mimesetting files for package x265_x86_bin-3.5-4-x86_gcc2.hpkg ...
creating package x265_x86_bin-3.5-4-x86_gcc2.hpkg ...
----- Package Info ----------------
header size:                     80
heap size:                    56859
TOC size:                       263
package attributes size:        768
total size:                   56939
Warning: POLICY ERROR: no matching provides "cmd:x265_x86" for "bin/x265-x86"
Warning: Error: packaging policy violation(s) in strict mode
keeping chroot folder /boot/home/haikuports/media-libs/x265/work-x86-3.5 intact for inspection
Error: Build has failed - stopping.
~/haikuports> haikuporter -S -j2 --get-dependencies --no-source-packages x265_x86

(I copied the command line for haikuporter)
The recipe is here, untouched about “PROVIDES” blocks.
What does this error mean?

It wants the command x256_x86 to have a matching provides cmd:x256_86

on amd64 neither has a suffix, but on x86 it has the _x86 suffix which is missing in your file.

cmd:x265 = $portVersion

should likely be
cmd:x265$secondaryArchSuffix = $portVersion

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Good catch!