POCO C++ librares

This librares are familiar to Boost Libs. Please make a Haiku version of That.

What is missing in the be api that you want from this?

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I want a hpkg file with this.

Ok, but what for? What would these libraries be needed for?

I need a google OAuth2.

The build instructions look pretty straightforward and at a quick glance the external dependencies seem to be all available on Haiku. Why don’t you try building it yourselves, and the then ask for help if you run into any problems :wink:


Saw something passing by for linux-headers (good luck on that), a quick run revealed that you need to add the OS to the platform header, and then first error arizes: net/if_arp.h not found …

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Given the fact that this library is very much cross-platform I doubt that it depends on linux headers (maybe only on Linux itself). No idea about net/if_arp.h though, sorry.

EDIT: We’ve got several if_*.h headers under /boot/system/develop/headers/posix/net but if_arp.h is not there.

I’m working on a port of poco already (PR: poco: new recipe by TheZeldakatze · Pull Request #7982 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub). However there are still some tests that fail, most having to do with poco NET, where some tests fail because getsockopt returns -1. I’ll have a look at trying to fix that on sunday.

testStackSize fails to set the stack size. I believe that the BeBook stated however, that there is no way to set the stack size manually on BeOS (I can’t find that line currently, could be that I just misremembered it). Is that true aswell for Haiku?

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Using pthread_attr_setstacksize() ? Should be supported.

I just found out why pthread_attr_setstacksize() fails: The test tries to set a stacksize of 50000000, however ulimit -a states that the maxium stack size is 16384kB. The test works if you lower the number to 5000000