Please remove this account

I have created a mess by forcing Haiku to be the way I want. The fact is they want to be their way and will continue to be their way and focus on developing Web+ only. I want PaleMoon but they don’t want. I can’t force them to work with the PaleMoon community since they don’t want to. That only caused more distant between the two community without got the porting of PaleMoon come true. I’m too tired indeed. I will just back to OpenIndiana which I found comfort with and left Haiku. Please remove this account.

I logged in the last time to clarify that I want to remove this account completely. It’s not about notification emails like a guy used to ask for removing of his account and finally his account still preserved but just the notification emails gone.

Please just remove this account.

So dramatic…


And you mean to post this as discussion on a forum are the right way to do it? Please contact the admin of this forum. Your post here is one of thousend unproductive entries around here.

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You cannot expect volunteers to do your bidding. As I posted in the other thread about PaleMoon it makes more sense for the core Haiku team to improve WebPositive than to port another browser.

If you wish to leave the Haiku community just stop posting here. No big deal.