Play video

Application software?

Media Player (builtin)
VLC (available on HaikuDepot)

VLC isnt in haiku depot , but smplayer yes. smplayer is so good video player - qt gui for mplayer. enjoy and sorry my english

oh, my bad for vlc.

The build of vlc is too old and does not play much videos any more.

Would be great to get the latest of VLC working on Haiku. Maybe one day it’ll make it :slight_smile:

mplayer unavailable

smplayer Downloading there

mplayer on x86_gcc2 is currently broken:

So SMPlayer can’t work.

Errr, but, guys, what about Media Player ?!
Don’t you even try to play video with it already or what?

Each ffmpeg has its own set of documented issues. On 64 bit, for example, there is an issue with playback of MP3 audio files or streams using MediaPlayer.

Media Player
Unable to play