Play Mp3 from seperate partition

Well, what happened was I noticed the media player app and I thought it would be great to listen to music while surfing the net. So I tried to transfer all my music to the Haiku partition. Then I found out I didn’t have enough room. So I ended up mounting the partition to the desktop. When I tried to play the music I had from the windows partition, I couldn’t play it. The media player is working fine because I did a sample on it and it worked as long as the file was from the haiku partition. I also noticed the file on haiku partition was an MP3, but on the Windows partition, it was a script. Can anyone help?

Are you using Alpha2? I think this bug was fixed after it was released.

I can confirm that this has worked for a little while. If you’re using alpha 2, try using a nightly. If you’re already using a nightly, try upgrading to a more recent revision. I was listening to music on a Windows NTFS partition just the other day.