Planned BeSly repository server outage (solved)


the BeSly goes to another server, so i can be that all services temporary not availalbe.
I try to keep downtime as short as possible.

regards lorglas


It’s been 5 days, any update on the status of the move?

Hi, i transfer to the new server and have some problems with the provider.

It takes time. I can port the sites only in the evening, because i working on day.

I inform you, if its complete.

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No prob; take your time. I’ve temporarily disabled the BeSly repo for now to prevent errors on my setups.

Hello together,

BeSly is working. Also the software side (Repo) and the other webpages we have.

Regards lorglas


I see there are some problems with the menu of our knowledge base. I can not open the menu point there. We are working on it @lorglas .

Update: It looks like that you can use the menu without any problems then you are loged in, so i think it is a settings problem.