Plank dock

I see that in haiku repo is ported vala. Its posible port a plank dock?

Everything is possible if you try hard enough.
You will have to port GTK3 first, but it is a fair price for a simple dock app.
Or you could try LaunchBox.


Please try my HiQDock if you want:

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You can install it from our repo

And configure GTK, download the themes and configure them, look for errors on the gtk size…
Gtk is a nightmare, even after having it done. Not a fair deal.

I hope GTK will achieve no penetration on Haiku.

I prefer LnLauncher to Launchbox. In any case, there are multiple choices available, why should we port more? (semi honest question, maybe Planck has some cool features we should learn from).

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I do not use any launcher anymore… I just open the Application folder and leave it open…

I think that one of the most usefull addons in Haiku is quicklaunch, it isn’t invasive, it’s FAST! and you can add favourites. It’s a must when there are a lot of programs in the apps menu.
It would be even greater if it will search personal files in the home folder (empowered by bfs), a bigger window when it popups will help (as it locks the interaction with the desktop).


Indeed one of my favorite applications I usually map it to some modifier key + Q.

Haiku has native dock’s as well…

One of my favorite features in Haiku is called type ahead filtering, actually. I love this because it’s easy to launch preferences or applications in folders by typing for them and pressing return. And most of the files I save directly to the home folder I can filter down for too that way. And it’s lightning fast!

To turn it on, open Tracker preferences. And to search for files, (everything is always indexed), Alt+F will summon Find. And as a power tip, keyboard shortcuts to a query (basically a smart search) can be set up too. :slight_smile:

But anyway, beyond what I hope are helpful Haiku tips, I totally get what you mean… Being a Mac user as well as Haiku (and Devuan as a third in there), I miss having the search bar in Finder windows when I’m on Haiku…

You mean Tracker window.

[This part of the comment was edited/removed before I could reply, but I wanted to address it anyway…]

That’s a bug I’ve only seen sometimes on 64bit Haiku and never was able to track down the reason…
It’s supposed to only make the window as tall as necessary to fit in the found items and at max as high as 10 items (and have you scroll if there are more than 10). Currently 64bit nightlies don’t completely boot for me, so I’m can’t even say I’ll look into it once more… :slight_smile:

I just put my most common links to the Desktop, no need for a launcher here :slight_smile:

Some like better a clean desktop with no icons, this is why i hide them under a replicant.