Pkgman freezes "Cleaning up ..."

I installed a home-made package, using “pkgman install”, and it hasn’t completed - stuck at “[system] Cleaning up …”

Package filesystems including /bin are locked up, so it’s looking kind of bad. I’m guessing it’s going to have to power down, but if anyone happens to be out there right now with a better idea, I’d be mighty obliged!

Can you explain your problem a little bit clean, i does not understand thats the problem.

You create a selfmade hpkg right?
You start the package to install?
You get an error?
Your system freezed?

That’s correct.

The OS is working, after a power cycle, but that package isn’t installed - it’s in packages/administrative/transaction-2/, and there are log messages informing me that its entry was created, failed to init, and entry removed.

probably there is something wrong with your package init scripts?

There isn’t any init script. Recalling that it hung in “Cleaning up …” I wouldn’t try to find anything too specific about the nature of the failure in the log entries.

At this point, since I’ve power-cycled and things appear to be working, unless there’s some recommended pkg fs sanity-check procedure, the rest appears to be bug report material. (Not that I’m guaranteed to file one, as this would be typically dismissed as “power user problem” despite my obviously spotty familiarity with the system.)

We don’t dismiss bugreports like this. If there was a problem it should be reported and fixed.

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