Pimp your "/home"

Good day,

Well, with my tweaking hat on, I decided to add some color and “organization” to my /home folder, here is the result:

Added some Folders, Documents, Downloads, Images, Videos and BugReport with Images folder having 3 subfolders, Pictures, Screenshots and Wallpapers (these three in the same blue style as the parent folder).

There is a BugReport folder there so I can add anything related to reporting bugs without messing around /home (Bug reporting is important on Haiku too, so deserves its own folder).

To get this, I did a Python script. Of course I could have used a bash script, but I wanted to check something with Python.

Before anyone asks, if you want to get these:

Folders use different colors to identify the folder by color besides by name. Some might need tunning and improvement, and will be done later on, hopefully.

Added some more, and hopefully, there will be more too:


I know that not everybody want to have Documents, Downloads, Images & Videos folders in their home but as they are present on most systems, people are getting used to them. It could be indeed interesting to have the option to create them and maybe to add some queries examples in same time. I.e you could have queries for all kind of LibreOffice docs or PDF docs in Documents, a query looking for pictures by size in Images, etc.


You can’t make queries that filter by location on disk. So that won’t work.

Argh! I didn’t explain it well. I thought that the query examples would be in these folders but they would search for content everywhere.
The idea is to give people a kickstart and help them locate and sort their files. After all, it is the goal of these folders in first place.
Doing this, they would start learning about queries and how powerful they can be.


Yes, same here… how to store querys? In the home folder then? How would the home folder look then?

Good day @brunobastardi,

Home folder already has a ‘queries’ folder that stores your queries… At least mine does:

That folder has been there all along since I did the first query. Not sure if that is what you meant. Is it?