Picture file support

Haiku has BPicture object that can store graphics in vector form. It is similar to metafile in Windows but support modern graphics. Is there existing MIME type for picture files? Are picture viewer and other picture utilities or editing software available? It would be also nice to have picture screenshot support.

I created utility for dumping pictures https://github.com/X547/HaikuUtils/tree/master/PictureDump. It is intended to investigate problems in app_server vector rasterizer and WebPositive glitches.


During testing I managed to break window title buttons rendering (#16136):

I don’t know if there is a mime type for it, but that can be checked in FileTypes preferences and we can easily add one there.

There is no direct editing for them at the moment, and unfortunately even the NanoSVGTranslator doesn’t allow to output a BPicture, that would be quite useful and I think not too hard to add.

We could also try to open them in Wonderbrush or Icon-O-Matic, however they use a different internal format. Or we could extend Playground, maybe?

Note that BPicture has known missing parts currently. There are some tickets about it, some operations are not properly stored yet.

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Also I created simple picture viewer: https://github.com/X547/HaikuUtils/tree/master/PictureView.


WebPositive picture screenshot:

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Could you elaborate on what do we see on this screenshot please?

This is BPicture screenshot of https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.5/examples/checkout/ opened in PictureView. I added taking BPicture screenshot by F10 key feature to WebPositive.


Wow thats amazing!