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  1. want use WordPress (PHP,MySQL,WebServer).

HAIKU is sucesscull installed HAIKU in a VirtualBox (VirtualMachine)

is 1. possible? How?

Install the required components from the depot, configure them, and install your blog.
Do not expect turnkey solutions like *AMPs, but expect bugs.
Hint: while using Haiku as webserver is possible, it is not necessarily a good idea. The ports of the major components (Apache/mysql/php) don’t gets updated as frequently as on other platforms (-> exploitable bugs are longer available), Haiku doesn’t enforces ACL, etc.


you would have to use
and find someone who will develop, for example, mysql

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I had managed to run latest Laravel PHP framework, but I patched PHP. I am not sure can current HaikuPorts PHP be used for modern frameworks.

It is definitely useful to run development test server on Haiku, but upload result on production Linux server.

I have lighttpd running with php for my own low traffic uses. I use modified people files for storing credentials. mysql is not available on haiku.

But we have postgresql?

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As haiku wouldn’t be useful for heavy lifting production hosting of web services, sqlite is probably sufficient for most cases whenever a database is needed.
Especially when used with Laravel, as their “Eloquent” database layer abstracts all the actual DB server.
That said, I’d be interested in the PHP patches to get Laravel running.
Now we “just” need vscode and I could switch to haiku for web-dev stuff :innocent:

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on x86_64

~/Desktop> php -v
PHP 7.4.16 (cli) (built: May 10 2021 00:43:46) ( NTS )
Copyright © The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.4.0, Copyright © Zend Technologies

Current HaikuPorts PHP version may not have all needed options enabled to run Laravel etc.

According to and the output of phpinfo.php, this version has all the required extensions enabled.

Tried to install RobinHood. Was not in HaikuDepot and the fist link from the RobinHood doku was not available “ Not Found”

I hope its not so difficult.

How looks like the conf file from lighttpd.

Lighttpd is installed. A simple conf file is available and works. PHP7 is installed from haikuports.

Only php files doesn’t works.
I get a Fortbildung error.

I think i forgot some lines in the conf file.