Phonograph - Music Player

Hello Again!!

So today I am showing my new idea for a sleek, elegant, and fast, music player. Not a lot of bells and whistles which is what users want.
People are looking for a clutter free player, but one that also is good looking and easy to use. Navigation is quite simple, and the menu options are the same as in MediaPlayer [ MediaPlayer | Audio | Video | Attributes ] and everything else can be found inside the player.


So without further ado, I present: PHONOGRAPH

As you might see, there is no icon or notification by tracker, that is because as I stated before, this doesn’t actually exist.

I hope you all like it… I will be working with this still, so there might be some changes… but in the future.


the concept is nice,but the window is too big,it reminds me of the windows media player or realplayer,something i hated about those 2.

I do agree with you on that being the music players achilles heel, I am going to work on getting that a lot smaller… but it will take some time.

Whilst I certainly can understand your concern, I’d like to point out that this is not necessarily “the Haiku way™”.

Haiku has Tracker which is capable of organizing media files based on attributes. It just needs to be enhanced to handle some specific stuff:

  • Album art instead of icons - feature speaks for itself
  • Live queries used as playlists (well, almost), albums, compilations; maybe special query configuration to serve as “album container”
  • Better use of attributes - advanced playback options per file or playlist (query)

Fully transparent, does not depend on a single player vendor

Limited to the core system features (quite spartan at this time compared to “real” media players) - e.g. single image album art, predefined icon size, no static queries, advanced playback settings still depend on the player application &c.

personally, i’d love to see something compatible with winamp skins. it’s been my favorite music player interface since win2k and for that reason (along with options like crossfading songs) audacious is pretty much my one music player in linux. ah, if only it wasn’t gtk.

Wow, it is really nice that there is someone that reviewing a classic material. Hope lots out there will be too. It never gets old. Also, make your music be included in the music players of every people. Buy SoundCloud downloads and hear them listen to it everywhere.