Pencil 2d animation still live somewhere?

Hello anyone would have the pencil 2d animation saved somewhere?
Work with animation and it would be good in my happy moments (hehehe) with the haiku to be also productive for the work.Thank you

Do you mean yellowbite’s eXposer or Lost Marble’s Moho?
Both seem to be available with a search at

I think he means the
If i remember correctly i get it to work on Haiku some months ago, it wasn’t was too hard. Maybe @juliocfcosta can look into it.

@extrowerk Yes it is this app even I remember that there was even a site with several applications qt and pencil2d was one of them and was quite functional at least for me

I have some old Pencil for haiku, also I added some needed for app libs, just grab, unzip and run (in old BeOS style):
… qt for haiku must be installed.

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Thank you guys. I saved my day. I do not understand why nobody has added me to a repository yet. I’ve done some tests here and it’s quite functional.

Works great! Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

I can pack I have plans in the near future to create a repository with applications geared towards digital production

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Could you please send the pencil file again

Why hasn’t eXposer made its way to Haiku?

One reason may be that without a driver to capture video like the for old Bt848 cards, eXposer isn’t that useful. Only @stippi would know for sure. I expect lack of time is another…
The legacy package is available at PulkoMandy’s BeOS software archive. It installs and runs, but can’t say how well it actually works.

eXposer is one of many apps I bought for BeOS that I always wanted to play around with, but never did. And now I’ve been lacking the necessary hardware for 15 years… :slight_smile:

that’s exactly the point Mr.Humdinger…

People bought the software and cannot use it anymore!

So why someone will write software for Haiku!? (not Haiku OS!)…
The developers fell free and happy to program and develop Haiku as they wish!
They do it in their free time! Not for making money or business!
Not for you!
Why did you buy apps for BeOS?

P.S.: google for Haiku and see what happens!

If one write a good program for haiku, and i can need it, i will pay for it.

The question is, who will pay for software for alpha system?

Not sure I see the exact point. I bought software 15 years ago that has hard- and software requirements. I got rid of the needed hardware, otherwise I could still use it with BeOS R5 on my trusted PIII…

[quote]So why someone will write software for Haiku!? (not Haiku!)…
The developers fell free and happy to program and develop Haiku as they wish!
They do it in their free time! Not for making money or business!
Not for you!

I don’t understand what you’re asking…
In case I was misunderstood, I’m not disappointed or mad at anyone that I lack the hardware and Haiku currently the driver to use the needed hardware to make maximum use of eXposer. It was only a little aside, of my personal connection to eXposer…

I bought many BeOS applications, as I would buy Haiku applications. I did so, because they seemed interesting or useful, or were cheap enough that I felt I can support the nice dev with my purchase. I don’t understand the question, I guess.

There are many good programs out for Haiku already…
Problem is none of them works as expected!

exposer, wonderbrush, moho, gobe, scribus, blender, krita, BeIDE, BeCapture, BeConvert, Handbrake…

If you pay a developer to program a patch… this patch needs to be reviewed… and this is done by the devs in charge! Which means… it will take time to add those patches! Most of the devs are busy with their own work!

Lots of discussion about a release but it seems nothing happens!
Why not name the nighties beta 1 and see what happens? As there is SoftwareUpdater to do changes on the fly?!

lelldoring said: The question is, who will pay for software for alpha system?

btw.: pencil looks like MOHO…
Haiku could use the money for buying the source for example… (Because Haiku devs need no money!)

Why you think that? Everybody needs money! Of course they (sane people) need money for buying some things they need and can’t make it by themself. Free software exist not because some people not need money, but because they need some things that cannot be get in modern economic system for money. This situation is because of coruption and monopolization of that economic system. And people go to barter of some kind, you make something useful for some other people, and they also make some useful for others, and for you.

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I think eventually that Haiku needs to follow the Elementary OS’ approach where app developers could have the opportunity to make some money on their applications. Of course the apps will need to be curated and quality checked to ensure that junk is not being offered to users for purchase dinimishing the value of the Haiku brand. Such an approach could inspire/motivate old BeOS/Haiku developers to return to the platform.

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I guess eXposer use the Media kit to grab an image from a Media input.
While Haiku don’t have support for these old analogic video capture cards indeed, using an USB UVC webcam could be an alternative maybe.

Maybe YellowBytes could put some life support in eXposer to let it works on Haiku in a useful way.
Stippi and Bonefish are on this forum?