Pen Tablet settings

Hello all, is there a way to setup a pen tablet?

My Gaomon S620 runs fine, but i can not use the buttons on the tablet and the pen.

An Issue in Wonderbrush: @stippi: I need to be on the right side of the Screen to draw in Wonderbrush. I Krita it runs better.

We would have to take a look at usb hid reports. Current tablet driver maps tip switch to first button and barrel switch to second one. Eraser, where available, is not mapped as a generic button.

Buttons physically placed on tablet surface can be implemented in many ways. Some tablets just emulate them on driver so there is no generic way to catch them.

Any way, we have to see hid report.

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Can I somehow save it when using it?

reports are dumped on /tmp matching its device vendor:product. Some devices may dump up to two or three reports, so you have to upload them all (can we upload files here?) If not, file a bug on tracker and upload reports there.

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