PciTV cards in Haiku


Beos R5 has support for a lot of the BT chipsets, is this the same in Haiku? Ive recently installed my PCI Tv card (used it for recording in game footage) , but i get nothing on the TV app/media services…

cheers and merry Christmas everyone


AFAIK there are no BT* drivers in Haiku at all. The old BeOS drivers may still work, though.
The TV application only works with DVB cards, again AFAIK…


the only TV cards that have functional drivers are the old ATI rage and similar pci cards AFAIK


Ati rage has tv output, not input… That’s of course completely different.


I got the old beos driver years ago to with with a Rage 128 card on the input side, but it was buggy and there are no analog channels left to watch


The all in wonder serie was declined with a rage pro and an integrated TV tuner, it might what he was talking about.
Regarding BT, I have one with a BT848, before brooktree (which does not exist anymore) released the BT878.