PCI or ISA compatible soundcards in Haiku?

I installed Haiku in dual Pentium 3 motherboard (BeOS 5 is installed in that machine, with ISA AWE64 soundcard perfectly working), I tried different soundcards with no luck in Haiku:

  • ISA AWE64
  • PCI Yamaha YMF744
  • PCI Crystal CS4614
  • PCI CMI 8738

Does anybody know some PCI or ISA soundcard working in Haiku? Better, if they dont need external drivers!


I will try it! Thanks for your advise, Pulkomandy!

Are you using Alpha 4 or one of the new nighty builds?

No, Im using Alpha 3, I had some troubles related with IDE hard drives in Alpha 4.

Give nightly build hrev49292 x86_gcc2 a try. There have been thousands of bug fixes and enhancements since alpha 4.

A Soundblaster Live pci card model ct4670 is out of the box supported by Haiku.

Hello, vidrep! I will try it, and see what happens! Thanks!

Hello, vercu! Thank you very much! I hope to find one! If someone knows any other compatible PCI or ISA card, please, post it!

It may be a good idea to try the OpenSound driver if the other drivers don’t support your card. It may be available through “installoptionalpackage” for the alphas, and through HaikuDepot in the nightlies.