Path to Clipboard

Not sure if this has been done already, but would it be possible to provide a path to the contents of the clipboard, for use in opening the copied item in file dialogue boxes, inserting pictures, etc?

I’m not sure what it is you are trying to accomplish but the clipboard does not have a path associated with it. There is a global clipboard object, be_clipboard, where the clipboard data is stored. By calling the Data() method of be_clipboard you are returned a message that contains the data inside the clipboard, the name of the message contains the mimetype of the data and the value contains the actual data. You are expected to lock and unlock the clipboard before and after reading the data. You can read all about it in the BeBook here:

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I meant this to be for the user rather than the programmer. Say, for example, the user had copied an image to the clipboard, and wants to edit it in Wonderbrush. Instead of having to save the image somewhere, he could go to the Open dialogue box, and type-in ‘/clipboard’ to open the contents of the clipboard, which the application would think is an ordinary file.

Is there an operating system that works like that? Why not just copy the picture into clipboard and then paste it into Wonderbrush? Perhaps Wonderbrush doesn’t support that feature but it could, and it would make more sense than putting a magic path in the open dialog unless I’m missing something.

Well ideally that would be the case and is so in the Wonderbrush example, but I have come across situations in the past where that couldn’t be done.